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100% Natural | DEET Free | Bee Friendly | Effective | Multi-Use

Outdoor Living, Camping,
Hiking and more
Outdoor Living, Camping,
Hiking and more.
Outdoor Living, Camping,
Hiking and more.
Hotels, motels & Vacation spots,
Keep your rooms bed bug free
Hotels, motels & Vacation spots,
Keep your rooms bed bug free.
Hotels, motels & Vacation spots,
Keep your rooms bed bug free.
Don't let pests become
permanent guests.
Don't let pests become
permanent guests.
Don't let pests become
permanent guests
Our 100% natural formula can
be used in child care facilities

Proven Effective Against...


Spider mites


Bed bugs



Protect your home from nasty invaders with Freedom Organicides.


Freedom Organicides uses organic ingredients to make a repellent that is safe for homes and schools. Our spray has more natural ingredients.


Take Freedom Organicides camping! Our aerosol spray helps keep the mosquitoes away during your trips to the beach. It's not limited there; you can use it in your garden and it is 100% plant and bee friendly


Keep your large gardens protected from pests. Our product is natural and could be used in public places such as community gardens. Use Freedom Organicides to ensure that your organic gardens stay organic. 

Why Choose Freedom Organicides?

Plant Safe

Freedom Organicides are safe and gentle on plants and effective on insects.

Natural Ingredients

Our 100% organic and natural product has proven effective against common pests.

Bee Friendly

Unlike conventional pesticides, our natural formula doesn't harm Earth's pollinators. 


DEET loses efficiency every year, but our DEET free product has consistently efficient. 

Have pests that need to be taken care of?

Take advantage of our all natural pest repellant.

I used some of this stuff while on a fly fishing trip in two different locations. Either mosquitoes in the Sierra Nevada have gone extinct or this stuff really works!!!

This stuff is amazing. Outside moving some stuff in the garage and got bit 3 times by mosquitos. Went in and grabbed my can of Freedom. Not one mosquito bite since!! It’s genius!


Where do I start? How about with the fact this product has eliminated a problem that has plagued my family for over a year. Heat treatment after heat treatment, chemical treatment, leaving our apartment, staying in hotels while multiple companies use deadly chemicals in my apartment, only to have bites and bugs come back almost immediately. Freedom cleared up my apartment, stopped the bites and is safe for use around dogs, cats, humans… anything. Smells like soap and eucalyptus. Best investment you will ever make when it comes to pest control, seriously.


After working half way through the summer in the evenings and being eaten alive from mosquitos and who knows what, I figured I needed to find a solution that would keep them off. A friend of mine told me about this amazing product Freedom Organicides. He says it will work on any bug and keep them away from you for hours. Me being skeptical and have tried other products in the past and have heard similar promises was hesitant to try but figured what the heck. Well let me tell you this stuff is Amazing. It’s smells great, it’s not sticky, just a little bit goes along way, and it works for hour’s probably even days if you didn’t take a shower.
I had to tell my wife about this product just thinking about the endless applications she could use this for and how she is so paranoid over Bed Bugs, Lice, Mosquitoes etc. We went on our vacation to Cabo Mexico a month later and brought a small pump spray bottle of this with us. We sprayed the bed sheets the couch when we arrived there, and even our luggage after coming home. My wife brings that little bottle with her everywhere and uses it on the cloth seats of the rental car she rented. She used it on the movie theater seats (It’s a small bottle and no one even noticed). She loves this product.
Have you ever been camping before in the most beautiful environment? The smell of the fresh cool air with just a hint of pine as the breeze moves through your campsite. Well I have and let me tell you it’s great. What’s not great is being eaten alive by those blood sucking Mother loving mosquitoes. With this stuff you can actually enjoy the outdoors without looking and feeling like you literally got the life sucked out of you.

One day I noticed my daughter scratching her head more than usual. I asked her, "What was wrong with her head"? My daughter just said, "My head itches daddy". I decided to investigate why her head was itching so much. I took her into the bathroom where there was better lighting. As I was looking, I noticed there were little lice crawling around in her hair. The sight of these little devils blew me away. I started to wonder where she could have made contact with them. Then it dawned on me, my daughter recently started school. Then my thought goes to how do I destroy them? Then I remember I have a can of Freedom Organicides and I remember the story John shared with me about the destruction of all bugs that encounter Freedom Organicides. I grabbed the can of Freedom Organicides, had my daughter come outside and I preceded to spray her hair with Freedom Organicides until it was dripping off her hair. I decidied to use Freedom Organicides because I remember John telling me that Freedom Organicides spray is 100% natural and that the other lice killing sprays have cancer-causing chemicals in them. After 10 minutes of having Freedom Organicides in her hair, we washed her hair in the shower and immediately lice started falling out of her hair dead. As I was scraping her hair and inspecting her hair, all that was coming out was dead lice. In this case a "dead bug is a good bug"! At the end of the process every single lice in her hair was dead. One hundred percent kill rate on every lice in her hair. If by any chance she gets lice again, I will be grabbing Freedom Organicides and unleash total destruction on all of them.
Sincerely, Eric (Freedom Organicides fan for life)

An amazing product...we tried it hoping to stop the flies that were seriously bugging us while out on the patio at a local restaurant. WOW did it work great!! Once applied, they stopped coming around and we got on with enjoying our evening. Thanks for creating this awesome all-natural product that seems to have many uses.


I recently started using this product a month ago and it is one of the best things that has been invented. It literally kills bugs on contact. I am so happy with this product and say bye bye to all your bug problems. If you haven't used this yet then you better start soon. AMAZING


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Our Mission

At Freedom Organicides, we have made it our mission to provide a safe environment for your property and personal protection. 

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